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Getting Involved                                                                                           

Life Outreach establishes special partner relationships with numerous individuals and organizations to bring "helping hands to hurting people."  We particularly work with non profit organizations, individuals, and businesses that understand the potential of working together to accomplish common goals.

We specialize in consulting services for churches & non-profit organizations.  This includes setting up Internet services, web pages, video productions, fund raising strategies and project development in foreign countries.  We have a heart for helping churches under 250 members establish their own independent outreach ministries.  In most cases, we can help a church start an effective outreach ministry in Cuba, China, or Russia without taking funds from their current budget.  We can help you start from scratch to an exciting outreach program in less than 6 months.  We don't publish fancy brochures and videos, but we do come to your church, meet your people, hear your heart and help you set up an effective outreach ministry in less than 6 months. All work is done on a love offering and expense only basis.

Please contact us at 434-594-3707 or LifeOutreach@aol.com for details.

If you or your organization would like more information on how you can become a Life Outreach partner, please send an email!